​I stood at the gates of your avenue

With a suitcase full of dreams

Of a new beginning, a new partnership

With a new lease of life just for you.

But something seemed off.

Despite the welcome cyclosporins

You hadn’t yet let down your guards

As i stood shivering at your boulevard

‘I m here for you’ I meekly whispered
My earnestness started feeling absurd

I smiled at you, my new home

But I sure wasn’t liked by your CD4

Your CD8 roared and glared

My MHC then knew it wont be spared

I hoped with time you’d get kind

But you kept hurling more cytokines

I shivered, wimpered, almost fibrosed

We’re in this together I imposed

You don’t see me creating a GVHD scene 

Then why the paranoia and a mistrust so keen?

Its been weeks now…or months perhaps?

You’ve made up your mind haven’t you

Dont want me at your avenue.

But dont you dare forget even for once in your afterlife

That you wasted a noble donor’s sacrifice

I’m not mad, maybe you did try

But the chemokines love to fry

I sclerosed craving deeply to be accepted

Guess I’m just another Graft rejected.

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