Kiss me by the Dermatomes

Tease those nerve endings
You know they are there for a reason

Work your CN twelve charm

Time for some sins and treason

Its a play of enticing dermatomes

Lets take them out for a spin

Oh Honey with me you’re in for a win

Breath near my C3 and C4

I swear I’ll be all yours

Bite somewhere there

Only if you dare

That will make me kiss down T1,4,6,8

Can you handle this, mate?

Now swirl around my T10 n watch me moan

Take it or leave it, nothings on loan

Spank my S3,4,5

Maybe I like it, i wont lie

Do you feel it? Our L3,4 pressed against one another

What you doing is makin me shudder

Sucker for your C6, Its no secret

Hold me, pin me, nail me

Own me with beastly force

And not pretty trinkets

Kiss me by the dermatomes 

On my body your tongue roams

Cummon cummon make me moan

And I’ll kiss you back by the dermatomes 

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