Geriatric Dreams

We don’t  age when our telomerase shortens
But when the fun of splashing in the rain lessens

We don’t age when there is a collagen decrease

But when wishing at shooting stars begins to cease

Neither do we age when cataract says hello

Maybe we do when old desires get mellowed

Do we say we’ve aged when dementia sets in?

I think not. It was the day we forgot that we once had said ‘i wanna be an astronaut’

Would you be old if your fractured femoral head necrosed?

You would be, if the dance in your soul turns morose

What about when alopecia begins to smirk from your head?

No silly, its not about losing hair. Its losing the smile that got me scared

Some say it is when the ova isn’t as gold as corn

But a new version of me would still be born

We don’t age when there’s more wear and tear in the ligaments 

But when the idea of a risk starts to generate more fear than excitement

You thought you’ve aged looking at your falling dentition.

You already had when you didn’t pick up your fallen ambition

Look at all the pills and potions and the age miracle serums

Will they also bring back the years of childlike freedom

Or will they prevent a wrinkle in my crisp motivation

Guess not. So I’ll allow time to break my DNA. But for anything else, fight me in my alley.

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