The Receptor Rap…sort of

​Like a hormone, for its receptor

Not just any, but its suitor

I haunt, crawl, stroll and saunter

Looking for my lost receptor.

Picky, finicky, so pernickety

Alpha, Beta, cAMP, IP3

What I need, can’t see

What I want, cannot be.

I need a receptor, I need it now

Find my target, get to plough 

Inhibit my demons, make them bow

Upregulate a dwindling light somehow.

Kappa, delta, mu Ease my pain

Lacrimal M3, let it rain

Hang in there D, keep me sane

Adrenoceptors, you’re my main.

Hey you antagonist, bring it on

Your days of blockade’s long gone

Partial, you disloyal lil pawn

Bitch Please, m Agonist Don

Didn’t ask for feedback, bother not

My pathway, my story, my plot

I roam this artery, clear the clot

Time for degradation? I think not.

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