Nursery Rhymes 

Here’s another proof that I am probably losing my shit- my rendition to the good old nursery rhymes…med school style :p Am I missing my easy childhood days? May be. Am I missing it in a healthy way? You tell me! Also, if you’re feeling extra rebellious today then sing these aloud in their original tune. I swear it will bring to your kindergarten teacher tears of joy…or a grand mal seizure.

Twinkle Twinkle macular star

How I wonder what you scar

Inflammated optic disc so high

Like an exudate in the eye

Baba black sheep have you any gangrene 

Yes sir!  Yes sir! Three hooves full 
One from diabetes

One from Fournier the insane

And one from clostridia, who lives down the lane

Humpty Dumpty had fries on a couch 

Humpty Dumpty had a great paunch

All the tPA and all the mesh stents

Couldn’t unclog his coronary together again have to draw the line somewhere!

Johny, Johny!

Yes, Papa

Doing Cocaine?

No, Papa

Perforated septum?

No, Papa

Go for tox screen

Ha Ha Ha!

PgE2 and IL-2 went up the hill

To fetch a pail of fever

Hypothalamus fell down and broke its thermostat

And chills came tumbling after!

Old McKidney had a struvite


With a proteus here

And a klebsiella there

Here a magnesium , there an ammonium 

Everywhere phosphate phosphate

Old McKidney had a struvite


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