The Physiology of God 

Believe me when I say that I am probably one of the least religious person you’ll meet and I intend to offend nobody via this post. I find it rather tragic that over the centuries it has become increasingly difficult to see God and religion as two separate unrelated entities. But anyway, I’ll not criticize what I do not fully understand. But what I do understand is the adage “God resides within all of us”. And this is how I understand it-

Universe within us

It starts beating at week 4

Stays with us till our time goes

It beats and beats and beats

It loves and loves and forgives

Bears the sins of VLDL for us

Nourishes and provides in surplus

Be it to brain or even an organ vestigial

Isn’t the heart Jesus, so congenial?

Jesus poster

When all is not that well within

When the dance of destruction begins

Wiped away from every sign of existence 

Are NK-cell’s & apoptosis victims

Osteoclasts demolish bone undefied 

But only to let new centers ossify

Lysozyme held in throats of cells

Aren’t they all Shiva’s organelles?

Lord Shiva

Good old liver, truly the seat of courage

Generating factors to cease bloodshed

Battling toxins, inviolable to lesions 

Orchestrating the whole metabolic rhythm

That has got to be Athena’s precision

Every mitosis, Every meiosis

Cell division, beginning of genesis

Birth of a dream or creation of zygote

Is all a story Bhrama within us wrote

Lord brahma

You can’t draw soul, I can’t sculpt it.

You haven’t seen it. I haven’t measured it.

For it is the light. It is the void.

It isn’t a prism. It isn’t a rhomboid.

Not in pages of Physiology but within us a soul resides

That could be Allah, a structureless power that guides.

Not in monuments but within blood & flesh.Your God is free, don’t try to enmesh.

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