Thoughts of a Murderer.

How to get away with murder gif

O no no no no. This looks bad…i didn’t mean to hurt him..shit..was just gonna scare him a bit..just a harmless warning..what have i…no..i didnt do it…best i don’t confess this…should i call 911…what if he’s alive…no..too much blood spilled..bad one can ever know…i m thirsty..blood’s all around..fuck I am going to jail…can i..get even figure out his face..gotta mop the blood up..where do i even start..shit…The linens! They always catch them in the movies cause of blood stained linens..okay okay..calm down..lets get rid of them first. Burn the sheets? might get curious…i could try washing..not that the stain would come off..i could try..i dnno..i can’t think straight…why is it so hot today..ugh…he brought it upon himself..the bastard put up a good fight though…hurts..i didnt mean I a killer now? Focus! Clean the god damn floor! Scrub you little murdering bitch..hows the new title sound…okay..i guess that’s good enough…no no..thats no good..another round of mopping might help…there…they can never find out…i could make it look like an act of self defense…might reduce the sentence…i need i need a lawyer…no no that’s if anyone finds out…someone will notice..m gonna throw up now..alibi..need a damn strong alibi..lets get myself cleaned up now…stupid shower…how the blood tinged water is whirlpooling down the drain..this marks my downward spiral..what m i gonna do..maybe its not that bad…i have removed the evidences..i think i did..hate this stupid shower gel..doesn’t even fucking clean..i gotta keep a straight face..not act jumpy if am i ever gonna pull this off…i can still smell blood..nobody will ever buy my crappy story..
*knock on the door*

Dammit! Police? Already?? Shit..


“Sweetheart? Everything okay in there?”

“Not really hun…can’t have sex tonight. Periods.”

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