Lines from a relentless lover

​When the light of dawn falls on me, I swear on the pristine looking clouds that I feel violated.

I permit only your hands to touch me. 

At odd hours sometimes I think, I m meant just to be devoured by you. When you press me down and make me yours, you erase me. And that is when I feel the most alive. 

You must think I am an addict. But couldn’t hide how much you enjoy being my poison. Throw away the antidote, I refuse to leave this sensual hallucination.

My moments envy one another. The ones without you claim your presence too. Oh how they tussle! Kind of like us on mad mad days.

What drives me is not what we do. But the knowledge that you want it as bad. It is when you unleash your beast on me, I see the most innocent you. 

Destroy this air, don’t want it. Inhaling your scent does me good. Imprison me with you on this bed. Then shall I find my freedom.

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