Our dark places 

​Locked within the confines of a dark mediastinum beats a heart relentlessly to spread some light outside.

Hey human

Have you ever thought

That there is no light within you

All those bursa, pouches, cavities are unlit. Their stygian blackness engulfing the organs, like a cruel mean warden.

No sunshine reaches the blood pipelines. Must be such a scary place to be, for a poor little RBC.

The tunnels of gut got a horror story going on. The bacteriodes begging for attention, trapped in pitch black colonic dimension.

Your first nine months was in a dark bodybag. No wonder you seek enlightenment, fighting the uterine entrapment.

Who am I to judge afterall

 Just a retina making few observations. You might think I m privileged and well lit but I am not. Even I got a blind spot.

I show you the light but there are days when I would rather not. Because all your darkness is purer than the one this outside world’s got.

So hang in there, human. I have seen this world, quite literally! Your darkness has strength too, might not seem so initially.

Girl in a dark room
On Some days, we win by channeling our fear. Strength can be born even in the darkest of our times.

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