Prescription from my parents

My parents are no doctors but I instinctively go whining to them each time I feel weird and over-diagnose myself. Their replies and solutions never fails to amuse me…or elicit a facepalm reflex. And yet today as I sit slouching on the bed feeling sick, all I want is for them to be here and adorably nagging how it’s somehow my fault.

Excerpts from some of the times I complain to them about my pseudo health problems-

‘Dad can you schedule me for a root canal procedure? Got an impacted wisdom tooth.’

‘No. You should start brushing your teeth twice a day’

‘Mom I have been feeling kinda upset all this week..for no apparent reason you know? Guess I am falling into depression

‘It’s because you don’t eat enough.’

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‘Dad I haven’t been able to fall asleep at night…I m considering to give Roserem a try. Its not thaaaat addicting you know’

‘No. Drink milk before bedtime.’

‘Mom my head’s been throbbing since morning’

‘It’s because you don’t eat enough.’

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‘Dad my wrist hurts. Will get an Xray done. I probably have fractured a scaphoid or hamate or something’
‘No. Do wrist exercises.’

‘Mom my skin feels so dry lately’

‘Its because you don’t eat enough.’

‘Dad I felt so drowsy all day today despite 8 hrs of sleep! You think I have sleep apnea?’
‘No. You didn’t have your coffee today.’

‘Mom my stomach feels messed up. Guess I’ll have a light lunch’

‘Why don’t you ever eat enough!’

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‘Dad my back muscles gets tensed up after all day of ward duty and then sitting in the library. Can you buy me a luxury massage chair?’
‘No. Do yoga.’

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‘Its so hard concentrating during the morning lectures, you know?’
‘It’s because you don’t eat enough.’

‘I haven’t completed my portion for the semester yet.’

‘It’s because you don’t eat enough.’

‘I got abducted by aliens today.’ 😑
‘Its because you don’t eat enough.’

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Mom logic.
Daddy and daughter
Impossible is nothing…when you’re by my side.
Family is power
Mom, Dad, I miss you so much!

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