Perfect Teeth

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If you were to walk up to her in a bar and are sober enough to crack a damn good joke and make her laugh,  you would definitely notice it. Everyone notices this about her sooner or later. Maybe she even likes the people more who notice it than the ones who notice her perfect nose. You just cannot miss it. The eggshell  white stain on one of her upper incisor against the usual pearly white background. It’s just there. And probably has been there for as long as she could remember. Mottled enamel. A harmless case of Dental Fluorosis. An eyesore in a world where artificially attained perfect set of teeth is just another way to show your wealth. Usually I would love to bore you with its pathogenesis but today isn’t that day. However if you must know, you know where to find me! Today I am just in the mood to figure out why she never bothered to do anything about it. It’s an ugly stain afterall. Dental students love pointing it out to her. Diagnosis of the year. Yay. 

Is it because she’s raised above the worldly prescription of beauty and vanity and believes inner personality matters the most? Oh hell no! You should see the dedication with which she wings her eyeliner every fucking day. Or the questionable sum of money spent by her on lip shades ranging from the perfect cherry flush to the most complex nude. She’s not the person to step out without a basic level of grooming even if she’s almost certain she would miss her flight. Oh no she wouldn’t. Perfect eyeliner wings come first. She even starts playing pretend dermatologist on the days some obnoxios acne decides to show up. Then why put up with that white stain? The weird fluoride spot peeking everytime she talks. Money is of course a factor some of you might say. At the cost of $2000 per tooth for porcelain dental veneers anyone in their right mind would rather learn to love and embrace their stain than shelling out that kind of money. Cause dental insurances don’t cover veneers or any cosmetic oral procedure. So I asked her which procedure she would go for had she had that kind of money at her disposal. She exclaimed none! 
She then added, ‘Now if I walk into a bar full of people smiling and laughing with each one of them with their perfect teeth showing, honestly I would be bored to death. Someone’s got to bring in a stained tooth too. I secretly find it pretty cool. Maybe this is my perfect imperfection.’

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