5 signs that it’s real and meant to be

Love- a magical madness shared by two hearts.

Let’s get straight to it.

1) Logic and Reasoning are the first things to abandon you. Yet it all makes sense. (Say Awwwww)

2) You involutarily nullify all your previously set standards, lists of qualities required, terms and conditions set etc in a jiffy. Because your other half is simply perfect for you.

3) She/He brings back to life the long forgotten inner child within you.

4) You see a reflection of them within you.

5) You forget all your previous heartbreaks, pain and hurt…like they never happened.

If the above apply to you then Congratulations, You’re in Love! 


Looks like few of your Immature Ego defenses are ramped up. I.e- 

  1. Rationalization 
  2. Idealization
  3. Regression
  4. Identification 
  5. Repression 

You should probably see a doctor and better still, speak to your therapist. Just kidding. 😉 :p

Crazy stupid love

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