My secret Affair 

What I didn't find in you I won't go looking within someone else The fact that I know what I'm looking for Tells that within me it dwells There's a stubborn compass at work That keeps pointing towards me Saved the work of looking elsewhere Hinted 'Only self can set self free'

Imaginary friend 

What if God is humanity's childhood imaginary friend And rituals the playtime games they play? When playtime's over he heads to sleep  But fearful of monsters under the bed So he summons again his imaginary friend Sleeps believing the monsters have fled.  But it's been long, the friend hasn't gone  The monsters under the bed... Continue Reading →

The legend of Cardiac Cycle 

It is not deoxygenated blood that the Vena Cavas bring in I know so you have been taught  But hear me out, O meritorious one! If I waste your time then forgive me not What enters the atria on the right, is a sludge of broken dreams A black tar of corrupted whims A muck... Continue Reading →


The sun is obviously important for the earth's existence. I have a feeling the earth is important to the sun too, probably. It can't just be a parasite. If gravity is a force of attraction between every celestial body, could the same be true for Purpose too? The sun solves a purpose for the earth.... Continue Reading →


How insignificant and audacious are our whims at a point when countries are getting wiped out, people poisoned to death, children plucked away from their childhood and parcelled off to grim reaper. It's all for real and not just snippets of news clippings. I truly do feel ashamed for trying to get the perfect selfie... Continue Reading →

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