She pulled him violently and struck him on the head as she glared at him. Perplexed, he stared back. How could she!  That evil woman! As I watched the SUV on the road missing him by whiskers, I wondered if even years down the line will the kid realize that only a mother's reflex arc... Continue Reading →


There are people Some are good Some are bad Some bad were once good  Some good were once bad  Some bad have a little good Some good have a little bad Some bad want to be good Some good are tempted to be bad Some bad are drawn to the good Some good are charmed... Continue Reading →

If Obsession could kill 

What is it that they say about hiccups and someone remembering you? Aah! The good old romance of a spasming diaphragm Obsessing about you suddenly looks like a great murder weapon now And just say 'Oops! Phrenic did it.' 

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