Take it to your grave

We aren’t assigned graves towards the end
We carry ours around the whole time
Like an invisible backpack if you can think
As we dump in it marks of our mortal ink

A bitter half conquered memory
Or a wish that’s been given up on
An unborn future for some
Or a bond that ended at crack of dawn

Bits of us goes to the grave
Little fragments every day
We bury without ceremony
Maybe that’ll haunt someday

Few things we kill, few simply die
Our old confounding truths and lies
Irrelevant matters we send to the grave
Stealthy though, we got a face to save

Forgotten friends, broken amends
Lists of this kind have no end
Hasty promises, words unkept
Dumped to the grave’s deepest depth

At the thought of my overloaded grave
An inappropriate laugh I request
Because if all goes well and my time comes
There’s no place left for me to rest!

Coffin, gravestone, reincarnation, vampire, life, philosophy
On a brighter note, everyday we’re also sending to grave the things that hold us back…those weak moments of wanting to give up just before we put ourselves together again, those unfair temptations we didn’t act upon, some habits that we weren’t proud of, the harsh hurtful words that we left unspoken…thankfully!



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