When friends fight


Look, I get it okay! It must be really hard
with all the arrhythmias constantly shaking your core.
But if it’s your atria who can’t take the load,
why do I have to get stroked?
I got problems of my own you know, that’s no lie
So the last thing I want is your incoming emboli.
Split, bipolar, schizo just to name a few.
My neurons need your support, not your thrombi crew.
And enough of bragging with the same old ‘I keep you alive’
Let’s not forget who sends Vagus to your side.
Whatever issues you got with LDL you better settle it down there
For my MCA and carotids deserve a chance that’s fair!

Scrubs arguing doctors

Oh so you think you’re the elite smart one and I got issues?
Berry’s your problem. Bruh that shit’s entirely on you!
And don’t even get me started on Vagus
that bully of a nerve!
Constantly holding me back, slowing me down
Obviously my atria will rebel and frown!
Dude you literally can’t even make up your mind
No wonder this human asks me to decide!
At least I keep beating and pumping till the very end
You’re just a glucose hungry blob,
specializing in coma and abandonment!
I work my ass off to meet your high end demands
Just so that you get to give your motor commands!
It’s a shame that you actually call that work
One blow on the cranium and the way you twerk!

Bugs bunny
Liver to the kidneys:

Hey you hear that, Beans? Heart and Brain are at it again.
Pretentious attention seekers driving me insane.
I mean it’s us who detoxes and filters all their crap,
but never a single thank you! 
It’s time we set the records straight and new.
I’ll raise the Ammonia and you bring in the Uremia
You see where I’m going with this idea?
Imagine them groveling and begging for our mercy!
And when they’ll ache with pericarditis
and wail with encephalopathy,
Maybe then we’ll show them some sympathy!
You know what, let loose the creatinine
For that perfect finishing touch!
Just in case my bilirubin alone doesn’t scare them as such.
I wonder why in the bid to choose between the heart and the brain
Everyone just forgets us?
Now I know we’re not romantic and probably not fancy enough,
But we got what it takes to be the real donor stuff.

Wolf of Wallstreet Leonardo Dicaprio

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