Once a feminist…

Since before I fully understood
Since even before it was cool,
When social medias it ruled
When its definitions got screwed
Even when it suddenly became uncool.

I would still call myself a feminist
No matter how much you hear
Femzilla or Feminazi instead
No matter how much they expect
Me to slowly shy away from it.

Brothers might eye roll
Boss will go ‘Aww that’s cute’
Strangers of the internet would troll
I suspect that’s a lot of effort
To convince ours is the wrong call.

Amidst all the doubts and confusion
A fat little kid I often remember 
Whose parents forgot to introduce gender
And raised it saying ‘Just be a good human’.

Family, love, raising kids, bond, power, support system, special, home
As our parents too grow up with us, they end up doing some of the most beautiful things. My favorite being them simply loving and raising us like humans without any gender tailored treatment.

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