Poles apart

‘Its funny how some of the most artificial moments can bring about the truest and the rarest form of joy while sometimes even the most legit and perfectly beautiful situations leaves one hanging with nothingness and at most an empty smile. Perhaps it’s one of those life’s unending malady…where one knows the cure yet can’t remedy.’

Said the Hypomania to Major Depression.

As they laid tangled in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes and falling in a forbidden love.

Tonight away from the world, hidden from the prying eyes they consummated their secret bond. And on went their affair behind closed doors of questionable acts. Soon they had a son though nobody knows who. A little birdie tells me they call him Bipolar Type 2.

If love changes people then parenthood reinvents them. They had all the world’s happiness at their feet and energy so much that they thought they could raise a dozen more kids. There were sleepless nights permeated by extensive planning. Oh you should have seen how the two lovers wouldn’t stop talking.

And just like that their laughter was snatched. Where did it go they couldn’t care. No more smiles and not a shred of hope. All day they felt like two worthless faces of the same coin. What we did we shouldn’t have, said Major Depression with a heart burdend by interminable guilt. For is this life good enough to live?

What happened to their kid you might ask. Unstable were his parents and cruel the people of this world. The uninformed bullied him and called him the cursed child. So it grew up on their stigma and fed on the milk of neglect. Not knowing any better the parents too locked him away. And so their son lived alone a life tormented. Confused about its origins and existence.

But one day he had a visitor unexpected. She said she’s his aunt and brought him a special toy selected. With trepidations he unwrapped his gift mysterious and found a furry teddy stuffed with some lithium. From that day a new member was added to this peculiar family. After what seemed an era of darkness once again the sun shone brightly, but not too much. Their sky clouded sometimes, but just as much. Days went by and the lithium bear was the kid’s new friend. Although his parents saw less and less of each other, he grew up to be a stable adult.

He didn’t let his past decide his future. Found no answer in his hiding or people’s shallow judgements. Learnt that all a mental health disorder requires is simply some professional help.

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