Love bites and bruises

I randomly remembered few scenes from shows like Gossip girl and 90210 where the characters would always attempt to cover a lovebite with a scarf or a bruise on the face caused by physical abuse with makeup. Such scenes are so common in movies and media that we have internalized the notion that any kind of mark on a woman’s body be it out of love or violence needs to be covered and hidden. The society seems to be so uncomfortable with knowing when a woman was abused or even when she had a good time. It neither wants to acknowledge nor protect. So we do what we’re best at doing- brush it under the carpet. No, concealer. I think that should change. It is so easy to shy away and not talk about it but not talking about it is another way of covering it with make-up and scarfs!

#donthide #beliberated #feminist #breakfree #empowerment

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