And just like that there will be a rush of roller-coasters inside of you. There will be a smile for no reason and lyrics would become written just for you. Nothing sky shifting would happen but just like that you would start giggling at the stupidest of things as if it were the highest form... Continue Reading →


When under a starless sky your chest will hurt and bones will quiver as the smoke hits the wall and disappears like the birds have from the lake at night, perhaps then you'll know what it is to unravel which my voice today failed to describe. Until then it was good to know, good to... Continue Reading →

Poles apart

'Its funny how some of the most artificial moments can bring about the truest and the rarest form of joy while sometimes even the most legit and perfectly beautiful situations leaves one hanging with nothingness and at most an empty smile. Perhaps it's one of those life's unending malady...where one knows the cure yet can't... Continue Reading →

The disappointed tree

Sun winkled through the corrupted leaves of a lonely tree as dew drops refused to shine on its wilting greens. With a trunk gnawed null, the tree stood; between a river of disappointment and a pond of rotten amends. Why did it still stand, from what land the wind picked its seed? The tree wondered... Continue Reading →

Sustainable desires

Wishing well for others is a sign of growth too. Genuinely wanting others to win is a mark of your own success. The fire of ambition need not always be fueling your goals. Let windmills light up all the visions.


A ventricle missing, A valve atretic But still animate and it kept on beating A damaged heart he has, We declared So a shunt here and a conduit there To say 'We fixed him!' Is all we cared  But it's ECG lives to retell his early days The loft beats of Himalayan P waves!

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