Who is the real beast?

Petrus Gonsalvus suffered from Hypertrichosis. A medical condition less known and understood in the 16th century. It is indeed truly said that we fear what we don't understand. This gave him the title 'beast' and soon followed the sub human treatment. Sadly the Disney version of his life comes nowhere close to depicting some of... Continue Reading →


And just like that there will be a rush of roller-coasters inside of you. There will be a smile for no reason and lyrics would become written just for you. Nothing sky shifting would happen but just like that you would start giggling at the stupidest of things as if it were the highest form... Continue Reading →


When under a starless sky your chest will hurt and bones will quiver as the smoke hits the wall and disappears like the birds have from the lake at night, perhaps then you'll know what it is to unravel which my voice today failed to describe. Until then it was good to know, good to... Continue Reading →

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