Geriatric Dreams

We don't  age when our telomerase shortens But when the fun of splashing in the rain lessens We don't age when there is a collagen decrease But when wishing at shooting stars begins to cease Neither do we age when cataract says hello Maybe we do when old desires get mellowed Do we say we've... Continue Reading →


Silent night, you close your eyes Tiny melatonin fairy flies Slowly Beta will go Maybe you won't even know That alpha has long arrived Silent night, you close your eyes Repairs in stitches & ties GH wants to peak  Heal all the soul's leaks While Delta holds you close & tight Silent night, you close... Continue Reading →

The RNA Poem 

​On a cold 4am I ruminate About personal hell & prisons among other things If bad times in a sequence align That would be my perfect intron defined Also if all your happy days become exons Wouldn't you kill to be the master of splice? But life aint replete with that kind of choice Left... Continue Reading →

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