My secret Affair 

What I didn't find in you I won't go looking within someone else The fact that I know what I'm looking for Tells that within me it dwells There's a stubborn compass at work That keeps pointing towards me Saved the work of looking elsewhere Hinted 'Only self can set self free'

Nursery Rhymes 

Here's another proof that I am probably losing my shit- my rendition to the good old nursery school style :p Am I missing my easy childhood days? May be. Am I missing it in a healthy way? You tell me! Also, if you're feeling extra rebellious today then sing these aloud in their original... Continue Reading →

The Receptor Rap…sort of

​Like a hormone, for its receptor Not just any, but its suitor I haunt, crawl, stroll and saunter Looking for my lost receptor. Picky, finicky, so pernickety Alpha, Beta, cAMP, IP3 What I need, can't see What I want, cannot be. I need a receptor, I need it now Find my target, get to plough ... Continue Reading →

The RNA Poem 

​On a cold 4am I ruminate About personal hell & prisons among other things If bad times in a sequence align That would be my perfect intron defined Also if all your happy days become exons Wouldn't you kill to be the master of splice? But life aint replete with that kind of choice Left... Continue Reading →

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