A ventricle missing, A valve atretic But still animate and it kept on beating A damaged heart he has, We declared So a shunt here and a conduit there To say 'We fixed him!' Is all we cared  But it's ECG lives to retell his early days The loft beats of Himalayan P waves!

Calcified Hearts 

They cheer for the bravehearts, Spin poetry about a heart of gold But know nothing about what lies Between cold cracks of a heart of stone Unbeknownst to when it got this way Hardened over time, some say Sometimes dystrophic Sometimes metastatic Doesn't really matter, I secretly claim Because a calcium is a calcium by... Continue Reading →

The legend of Cardiac Cycle 

It is not deoxygenated blood that the Vena Cavas bring in I know so you have been taught  But hear me out, O meritorious one! If I waste your time then forgive me not What enters the atria on the right, is a sludge of broken dreams A black tar of corrupted whims A muck... Continue Reading →

Nursery Rhymes 

Here's another proof that I am probably losing my shit- my rendition to the good old nursery school style :p Am I missing my easy childhood days? May be. Am I missing it in a healthy way? You tell me! Also, if you're feeling extra rebellious today then sing these aloud in their original... Continue Reading →

The Receptor Rap…sort of

​Like a hormone, for its receptor Not just any, but its suitor I haunt, crawl, stroll and saunter Looking for my lost receptor. Picky, finicky, so pernickety Alpha, Beta, cAMP, IP3 What I need, can't see What I want, cannot be. I need a receptor, I need it now Find my target, get to plough ... Continue Reading →

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