No one

What lies Under the bed In the corner room Of the last house On the forgotten street At the ghost town Between two gyri Tucked in a sulcus No one will know A mass, a cysts , a lesion CT/MRI will show The fear, the bones, the insecurities No one will know.

Calcified Hearts 

They cheer for the bravehearts, Spin poetry about a heart of gold But know nothing about what lies Between cold cracks of a heart of stone Unbeknownst to when it got this way Hardened over time, some say Sometimes dystrophic Sometimes metastatic Doesn't really matter, I secretly claim Because a calcium is a calcium by... Continue Reading →

The RNA Poem 

​On a cold 4am I ruminate About personal hell & prisons among other things If bad times in a sequence align That would be my perfect intron defined Also if all your happy days become exons Wouldn't you kill to be the master of splice? But life aint replete with that kind of choice Left... Continue Reading →

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